This is no ordinary bandage.

But you’re no ordinary person. This is a serious bandage, one that’s waterproof and rapid-drying and still lets your skin breathe. And one that keeps you unstoppable.

Meet New-Skin®

For every cut and every scrape, every day.

New-Skin® Liquid Bandage is antiseptic cut-and-scrape protection that lets your skin breathe, so you can get back to the action at hand.

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Prevent blisters. Use New-Skin® now.

When it comes to preventing blisters and calluses, New-Skin® Liquid Spray Bandage forms a tough, waterproof layer that still lets skin breathe.

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"Prepared for anything."

Interior designer and marathon-hopeful Ruth talks in this video about how New-Skin® helps her power through life.


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Would you like to get a coupon for New-Skin® Liquid Bandage or New-Skin® Liquid Spray Bandage? Told you it was easy.


Where can I find New-Skin® products?

Get online, get equipped with New-Skin®, and get back to the adventure at-hand.

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